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Top Questions : Registration, Account, Ordering, Payment, Shipping etc.

What is Safety Click service on credit card?
    A :

    Safety click service is the system for Internet Secure Payment provided by Hyundai, Shinhan, Lotte, Samsung, City, KEB, HanaSK card.

    This program only need to be downladed once.


    *For payment exceeded 300 USD, you will be required for verification via bank certificate file (공인인증서)


    For more details, please contact your credit card company.

I want to know what I have bought.
I want to pay with PayPal.
    A :

    PayPal is one of the payment methods,

    If you don’t have the foreign credit card, you may process the payment with your Paypal.

    You may use PayPal in OWN8PM once you register the account at www.paypal.com.


    If you have pop-up message such as expense limitation etc.

    please request the increase in balance with your OWN8PM ID and Paypal ID to our customer service.

I want to change payment information after purchasing.
    A :

    Once the payment has been made, payment method is not able to be changed.


    If you wish to change the payment method before delivery, you will need to cancel the current order and make a new purchase.


    Cancelling is only available in 'On request' status. You will be required to pay for the return delivery fee if you request for return in 'On delivery' status.

What is ISP(Internet Secure Payment) service of credit card?
    A :

    ISP is the system for Internet Secure Payment provided by KB, BC card and the debit card by Jeochuk bank.

    ISP needs to be downladed only once.


    *For payment exceeded 300 USD, you will be required for verification via bank certificate file (공인인증서)


    For more details, please contact your credit card company.

What are the payment methods available?
    A :

    1. Credit Card issued in overseas


    2. PayPal

    - PayPal : Available on both Gmarket English site and Chinese site.

I want to add items to wish list.
    A :

    When you shop at own8pm, you can check and collect your interested items seperately by registering as wish list.


    The item is registered when you click " Add to Wish List " on the item page.


    Follow this link to view the wish list.


My purchasing rights have been restricted.
    A :

    Please be advised that purchasing restriction could happen to any foreign customers randomly who use foreign credit card/PayPal as payment method due to the increased risk of illegal use of foreign card.

    To solve the matter, please check the required informations (Your name, ID and your contact number )to verify your payment method as below.

    and send them to each email address below.


    Please check the required informations and send them to the  email address above then the verification of the payment method will be done within 1~2 business days.

I want to modify orders.
    A :

    Please note that it is hard to change the color/ size option of your ordered items when the payment has been completed.

    (Only if the item was not dispatched, we can check with the seller if they can change the option before they dispatch it)

    You can only cancel and re-order the item when only the delivery process hasn't started yet.

    If the item is already on delivery procedure, cancellation is unacceptable.

    If you have other inquiries on changing options, please contact our customer service along with your transaction number and desired options.


    our customer service


How do I find items to buy?
    A :

    Here are the ways that you can find the items.


    1. You are able to search the items by using the categories.

    Please check the category on the top of the page and select the applicable category. This the most common way of finding item.

    2. At the main page of the site, you may use the search bar to use our search engine. Product name or keywords can be entered into the search bar for the items you desire.


    3. Using item number (code) to find the item.


     If you have item number of the item, you are able to find it immediately by searching it on the search engine. ( If the item number is unavailable to find, it is the product which is finished sale.)


    4. Using URL.

    You can find the item by enter URL on the address bar.

I want to check my orders.
    A :

    To check your shopping list: My Account > Order History

    You can also check your Order History which has passed over a month from the date of your order, please set the period of your Order History at Order History section.


How can I place an order to my country?
    A :

    You can select the desired country at your shopping cart before the payment process. 

    You may check to select your desired country by going to:

    ▶Place Order> Shipping Information > country > select your country

How can I pay for International shipping?
    A :

    Please be advised that Item will be measured by the following steps.

    1. Item is automatically calculated by estimated weight data when placing an order.

    2. Items get delivered to the warehouse, measured the actual weight.

    - paid shipping fee is the same as the actual one : the item will be sent immediately.

      the international shipping starts within 1~2 business days without any additional shipping fee.

    - paid shipping fee is greater than the actual one : the difference will be transferred to Points and the item will be sent immediately

    - paid shipping fee is less than the actual one with the difference : send you an email to let you know to pay for the difference and we will send you the item when payment is done.

What is shopping cart?
    A :

    The shopping cart has similar function of the offline shopping cart from the markets. You are able to put items during your online browsing and able to make one time final payment for multiple items.


    (When making quantity changes for the items, please make sure to re-adjust the additional cost / discount.)

    The undesired items within your cart can be deleted or can be stored in your wishlist.

    The cart enables you to check each item price / discounted price / total delivery fee / total payment amount. Also selecting delivery destination and checking estimated international shipping fee is available.

    Follow this link to go to your shopping cart


How can I get discount coupon and use it?
    A :

    You can download discount coupons according to our customers membership grade.

    check your membership grade here.


    Please notice that each coupon has its own categories to use, expiry date, and you are allowed to use only 1 coupon per transaction.

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